YOURS (AKA Maverick Sabre, New Machine, Jake And Sonny Hall) Release New Defected Single ‘OUR LOVE (80s)’

Coming as their third original single on Defected Records, the need-to-know, multi-disciplinary collective YOURS (comprised of Maverick Sabre, New Machine, Jake and Sonny Hall) reveal ‘80’S (OUR LOVE)’.

Building on the success of breakout record ‘DÓNDE ESTÁ’, which went on to be remixed by bona fide house legends Masters At Work, and the follow up ‘DON’T KNOW WHERE I’M GOING’, ‘80’s (OUR LOVE)’ is another striking example of the group’s genre-defying, refined sound.

As Maverick’s unmistakable vocal is heavily manipulated over a classic deep house bassline and synth arpeggios, a nod to the 1980s TV visuals the group watched as they wrote the record, a sparkling, starry-eyed quality adds to the afterhours mood of the record.

With remixes due to land in coming weeks, expect ‘80’s (OUR LOVE)’ to be one of those annual records that come to symbolize the start of summertime joy.