Baikal Nomads Releases Another Compilation, ‘Badarchin, Vol. 8’

Baikal Nomads is an influential record label, which since its launch in 2019 has been a bastion of organic house and associated genres such as deep house and Afro house.

The label’s latest release is the eighth edition of their Badarchin compilation, and it’s a huge release consisting of 18 different tracks. There is a lot of variety between the different styles, and the artists featured include Alacrán del Amor, JAVALI (MX), Andrew Shartner, Böle, Borowsky, Catatonique, Cereus, Dj Shaman, Dragon House, Jocan Deka, Samuel Wexler, K2W0, Kerem Genc, Lello Fusco, m.age.project, Makossa (IT), Niño Amarillo, Savanna, Sainz (VE), Tlazohtla and Yodh.

It’s a relatively even split between Baikal Nomads regulars and artists joining the imprint’s roster for the first time. Some of the tracks are intense and moody such as Borowsky’s “Crooked Forest,” which blends dubby and dystopian synths with organic drums, but other tracks such as Kerem Genc’s “Freak of Nature” are more traditional to the organic house genre.

Although best classified as organic house, this release does have some elements that crossover into other genres such as minimal, melodic house, electronica and Afro house.

This is a very well thought out compilation that showcases the label’s diversity, and likely some of the artists featuring for the first time will become more prominent features with possible solo releases.

It’s a release that definitely works as a dynamic playlist for those looking to buy the compilation as a home listening album, but it feels like it’s intended to be a selection of tracks aimed at DJs. With this in mind, some of the people already showing their support include Acid Pauli, Joris Voorn, Robbie Akbal and Joyce Muniz.

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