borne Leans Into Dark, Moody 140 Bassline Territory With Follow-Up Single “Silence”

Montreal-based producer borne has been setting the electronic scene ablaze with an exceptional array of bass-heavy bangers that blur the lines between UKG, trap, bassline, 140 dubstep, and beyond.

Marking his return to NIGHTMODE comes the moody masterwork “Silence.” The track follows his forward-thinking EP ‘deep end,’ which arrived on the label at the end of last year.

“Silence” is a deep, dark, and beautiful anthem that further expands the signature style that fans have come to expect from borne. Built around an entrancing vocal, the stunning female croons engage in an elegant dance that’s sultry yet haunting. There’s a seductive pull with an underlying sense of sadness that will cause the emotions to swirl . The moody mix is bolstered by cinematic melodies and transcendent textures. The siren song drags listeners into the darkness with cavernous drops that fuse 140 dubstep wobbles, oscillating vocalizations, rumbling sub-bass, and beefy plucks. Veering away from any form of predictability, borne closes off the track with a breaks-driven house foray that flips the script without ever losing the vibe. “Silence” is haunting and heavy-hitting, intertwining two distinct vibes for a one-of-a-kind sonic experience. The Canadian phenom has been championed by a wide array of high-profile tastemakers from the likes of Fred Again.., Overmono, 33 Below, and PEEKABOO; and his latest offering is another testament to his ability to make music that transcends genres.

“Let ‘Silence’ be the space where your thoughts dance freely, unrestrained by the noise. Embrace the stillness of ‘Silence,’ where the unspoken finds its eloquent voice. Beyond the noise, ‘Silence’ speaks the language of the soul.”—borne