AIRGLO Incorporates Piano Play On Riveting Four-Track Drum & Bass EP ‘LIGHTS OUT’

Los Angeles-based AIRGLO has taken the drum & bass scene by storm with his expertly crafted tracks.

The explosive producer returns to Bassrush Records with his new EP ‘Lights Out.’ The four-track offering follows the lead single “Raggamuffin,” which kicked the proceedings off with a bang.

AIRGLO offers a short but sweet introduction as to what fans can expect from the EP, saying, “‘Lights Out’ is a compilation of tunes I’ve been working on since 2022. For this EP, I’ve chosen to emphasize my piano playing.”

Setting the tone comes the title track “Lights Out.” Opening with icy keys and evocative vocal bends, AIRGLO creates a brooding atmosphere that is enhanced by the striking vocal coos. The female voice is seductive while remaining moody. Rising percussion and looped vox bleed into the impactful drops, which bolster dissonant plucks, squawking synths, roaring Reese bass, and chirping fills. The metallic bounce and mind-bending sound design are layered amongst a myriad of wild samples, creating a groove that radiates off-color brilliance. The emotive keys and impassioned vocals offer a masterful contrast to the energetic explosions, making “Lights Out” an epic drum & bass destroyer. The highly sought-after cut has already garnered support from the likes of A.M.C, North Base, Georgie Riot, AC13, and Deekline.

Showing his diverse talent, AIRGLO shifts the vibe on the Josh Rubin-assisted “Broken Heart.” The liquid DnB ballad breaks the mold, injecting waves of reflection and feels. Windswept soundscapes conjure images of the ocean at dusk while the producer layers in piano keys to score the evocative journey. Josh Rubin’s vocals are captivating and bursting with emotion, serving as the focal point while AIRGLO carefully takes listeners through his intricately woven liquid production. When the percussion explodes and the sweeping basslines roll in, it creates a transcendent release that creates catharsis in every sense of the word.

AIRGLO reflects on the chemistry shared between the artists, saying, “‘Broken Heart,’ originally titled ‘Stay,’ reflects my desire to produce a liquid roller track that deviates from my typical ‘balls to the wall’ style. I always admired Josh and wanted to collaborate with him; it took less than 15 minutes in the studio for us to bring this track to life.”

“Raggamuffin” returns to the intensity, taking listeners on a thrillride that moves between cosmic soundscapes and anabolic drum and bass drops. The opening is epic, fueled by intergalactic melodies and emotive vocal bends that seemingly pummel toward a distant galaxy. Guttural rudeboy vocals give the track its namesake and act to shift the scene to a grittier direction. The drops are pulse-raising and brain-bending, as piercing synth stabs, discordant string plucks, squawking synth riffs, trembling one-shots, and bouncy bass collide seamlessly. The energetic drums drive the track, giving it an immense gravitational pull. Embracing a dynamic dance between filthy and stunning, “Raggamuffin” was featured in Sub Focus’ Rampage set and drew support from Skank and Bass, This Song Slaps, Jungle Drum and Bass, The Music Essentials, and Find Your Sounds.

Closing out the project comes the powerful finale, “Addicted To You.” A moving piano recordin—which began as a simple voice note—opens the track in a truly cinematic way. Upbeat, love-filled vocals are layered in with bright, bold synths adding a new sense of depth and color. With little warning, the track swerves into a menacing bass-heavy DnB drop marred by blistering low-end and gritty sound design. The namesake vocals drift throughout, giving the track a strong sense of continuity while adding an infectious edge. “Addicted To You” plays out like a battle between beauty and beast with the monstrous bass and dark undertones being counterbalanced by the evocative keys, cheerful vocals, and bright flourishes that are sprinkled throughout.

Los Angeles-based producer AIRGLO has been on an unstoppable ascent in the drum & bass arena with a reputation for constructing dynamic and intricate dancefloor weapons. His music has been championed by legendary tastemakers such as ANDY C, Sub Focus, Dimension, A.M.C., and Macky Gee. AIRGLO has also received radio support on KISS FM and Zeds Dead’s ‘Deadbeats Radio.’ He has an upcoming performance at Q Nightclub (Seattle) as support for Turno and Mob Tactics.

AIRGLO’s ‘Lights Out’ EP is a masterful body of work that showcases his immense range in the realm of drum and bass.

AIRGLO’s new EP ‘Lights Out’ is available on all platforms via Bassrush Records.