Illegal Manchester raves result in stabbings, sexual assault, and one death

A series of illegal Manchester raves over the weekend of June 13 – 14 has resulted in one fatal overdose, three stabbings, and a sexual assault after thousands broke current quarantine provisions to attend. Local authorities were aware of the two events, held in Daisy Nook and Partington, but claim that they were “almost impossible” to stop after last minute venue changes.

The Chief Constable of the region added that although the events were billed as raves, many attendees had other plans, stating that “some of the behaviour was appalling; some of this was not partying—this was people going out of their way to commit crime.”

Members of the community and those in office alike expressed their frustrations with the event, with one local resident commenting that he “was still awake at three o’clock in the morning with people sniffing nitrous oxide gas on the garden wall, urinating and taxis coming and going.” Sacha Lord, the region’s Night Time Economy Adviser, took to Twitter to express his equal levels of disgust and disappointment.

Fans however, seemed less concerned with the current risks of attending the illegal raves. When BBC Live 5 questioned a 22-year-old at the Daisy Nook event about COVID-19, the raver commented that “I don’t know anyone who has had it, so I didn’t think of that.”

While some urge for nightclubs and the greater music industry to re-open, it’s important to recognize its persistent danger, particularly to those in high-risk groups. Check with local authorities and health services for your region’s current provisions.

Via: BBC