Nigel Good Makes Momentous Return To Monstercat With Stunning Single “The Magic” With Tien Viet Nguyen

Ending a 9-year hiatus, label veteran and melodic progressive house producer Nigel Good returns to Monstercat today with the melodic Drum & Bass record, “The Magic,” alongside musician Tien Viet Nguyen.

Multi-genre producer Nigel Good has deep roots in the history of Monstercat Silk, as one of a few artists to bridge releases across Monstercat and Silk Music (prior to its acquisition in 2021). His debut album ‘Nothing Out Here’ was met with universal acclaim, reaching #1 on Beatport across all genres in 2014, while his sophomore album ‘Space Cadet’ grew popular across major gaming YouTube and Twitch channels in 2015. With soundscapes spanning downtempo, electro, to instrumental, Nigel’s music has touched hearts globally and left a significant influence on the landscape of electronic music. Over the last nine years, Nigel has immersed himself in the culture of Bangkok, Thailand teaching English and growing a family of his own. Now, brimming with experience gained from nearly a decade away from releasing music, he’s returned to unveil the magic of his new soundscapes to the world.

“The Magic” marks the comeback of one of Monstercat Silk’s most highly respected label collaborators. Nigel crafted the foundation of the record with stunning Drum & Bass elements, fusing melodic house notes reminiscent of his older Monstercat releases. Then collaborating with musician and traveling nomad Tien Viet Nguyen, he added his ethereal vocals atop magical synth lines and chord progressions evoking peaceful and enchanting sensations.

Nigel Good shares, “This track started out as a very different drum and bass song, but the chords were identical to something else on the album so I tried to rewrite it with something a little different. I gave Tien the idea of “The Magic” and he took it from there. I thought some of the synth lines sounded sparkly and magical. The chord progression also gives you a magical feel, for lack of better words!”

Tien Viet Nguyen adds, “Magic is love, love is magical. It’s an invisible, mysterious force that brings us closer, protects us, and gives new meaning to life. We don’t quite understand how it works, but when love finds you, the feeling is undeniable – it’s got you.”

After 9 years, Nigel Good is back on Monstercat – and this is only the beginning. “The Magic” marks the first single to arrive from Nigel Good’s forthcoming album, due later this year – follow Monstercat and Nigel Good to keep up with the latest news.