French Cameroonian Rapper Lomijoh Admits She Is Sometimes A ‘Lil Bossy’

French-Cameroonian rapper Lomijoh admits she can sometimes be a “Lil Bossy” sometimes on her latest drop. She recently introduced herself to listeners with the drop of her debut single “Don’t Let It Go,” a song in which she advised everyone to really try their best in making a relationship work before letting it go. Her atmospheric rap is now to be consumed without moderation on her new release “Lil Bossy,” a fun song that distills a vibe made of a blend between the best of rap with gorgeous African-inspired sonorities. She reminds us of Solange’s and her experiments merging African and American urban sonic textures. Her ability to simultaneously deliver simplicity and impact right to our ears is quite impressive, knowing that “Lil Bossy” is only her second official release.