O.M.M. Combines Love For Music And Dance In New Self-Release Dance Anthem “INSANE”

A leading figure in the NYC music and nightlife scene, OMM, producer, performer, and visionary, is a man on a mission to share his story and talent in a way that has not been done before.

Combining his two loves of music and dance, the emerging artist is proud to present his new track “INSANE,” out on February 22nd as a self-release.

“This record marks the commencement of OMM’s story, embarking on a profound journey that navigates through intricate emotions including personal trauma and triumphs. The record captures conflicting sentiments of wanting to break free from present reality while also having the determination to overcome challenges right where one stands.” – OMM

Artists come and go but for OMM, music has always been the answer. In the face of personal loss, his love for his craft is what kept him going. Few producers in dance music possess the unique combination of the talent OMM possesses: Extensive production knowledge paired with over 20 years of professional dance experience. Tragedy helped channel his energy into a one-of-a-kind combination of both crafts. “INSANE” is a club record in all senses. The record is packed with energy that encapsulates the exact frequency in which OMM thrives. It takes his fans on an immersive journey through the union of rhythm and dance. Blurring the fine line between producer and performer, OMM showcases his talents as a multi-faceted artist who can do it all. Watch this space.

OMM is no stranger to the spotlight and the fast paced entertainment world. A renowned professional dancer from the young age of 3, OMM has performed across the country on some of the most prestigious stages in the world, including American and Indian national television a countless number of times, most notably Fox 5’s Season 11 Finale of So You Think You Can Dance. His vision and passion is fueled by his older brother Arvin, who taught him how to dance, live, & love, serving as a mentor while performing together on stage numerous times throughout their careers. At the tragic, young age of 21, Arvin passed away, causing OMM to take a sudden and necessary break from dancing in order to channel his inner energy, pain, and experiences into creating his own music and finding his place as an artist.

Utilizing the memory of his brother as motivation to keep going, OMM returned with a newfound energy and vigor. Within just a few years, OMM established relationships with major labels, DJs, and artists across a variety of genres and industries, cranking out original productions and accumulating upwards of 200-300k streams locally, which does not include radio plays. When he’s not busy producing music, OMM is running one of the hottest nightlife promotion companies in NYC, also founded by his brother. OMM’s versatility enables him to cater to many different audiences, demographics, and listeners. His ability to shift from genre-to-genre stems from his musicality, which was instilled in him through dance & choreography. This blend of true musicality and story is the vision OMM will bring to this world.