Able Grey & Meridian Get Down And Dirty With Bass-Heavy Single ‘In The Forest’

Able Grey and Meridian’s track “In The Forest” is a well produced release that combines the best of both talents into one adventure. The song, set at a compelling 110 BPM, takes it’s time and then suddenly slaps you with some tasty wubs that hit the spot. From star to finish this song will warm a bass-lovers heart and is easy to repeat.

Behind the scenes, Able Grey’s journey is one of relentless exploration and joy in the creative process. His approach is not confined by specific expectations or themes, allowing for a fluid and spontaneous production style that brings out the best in his and Meridian’s collaborative efforts. This approach has not only won him spots on influential stages but also a place among the artists featured by Excision’s label, Subsidia, proving that his contributions to music extend far beyond the local scene. Grey’s story is a vivid illustration of how passion, when coupled with creativity and the freedom to experiment, can lead to remarkable achievements and a profound sense of accomplishment as an artist.

Beyond the success of his singles, Grey’s influence is felt across the electronic music community through his dynamic performances and his leadership at Ex Medias, the label he founded. His upcoming appearance at the Chicago Beyond Wonderland festival and his recent performances, including opening for Clozee and Daily Bread at Radius Chicago, only begin to tell his story. His participation in the 2023 North Coast Music Festival with two distinct sets shows that his demand is on the rise and he can start the party when the opportunity presents itself.