Raw Ideology Releases New Single, ‘Analyze And Conquer’

Raw Ideology brings another hypnotic Techno production with the release of ‘Analyze and Conquer.’

With a powerful signature sound that dominates throughout his music, Raw Ideology has fast been making a name for himself within Electronic Music; as he presents a passionate and ever-evolving creativity, this talented Producer and DJ continues to demand attention and, with a growing reputation, it appears that his talents have placed him on the radar of genre lovers around the globe.

Originally from the Amazon, Raw Ideology continues to appear with a determination and drive to spread his unique and distinct sound to audiences worldwide; whether through his performances as a captivating DJ or with unmissable productions, he continually emerges as an exciting presence within the genre. With previous releases on labels like Fine Mode, Mental Schizophrenia, and Hotstage, his talents continue to draw in more and more fans, showcasing an originality and innovation that cement Raw Ideology as one to keep watching closely.

With this newest track, Raw Ideology once again offers a production that is sure to impress; driven by a relentless, pounding beat, ‘Analyze and Conquer’ delivers an intoxicating energy from the very start. As the track quickly becomes layered with electrifying sonic details, listeners are invited on an immersive sonic journey, propelled into a soundscape detailed with growling, dynamic basslines, gritty synth lines and a powerful low end. With shuffled rhythms continuing to push the track forward, processed vocal samples and energetic, layered elements join the mix, elevating the listening experience one step further as the unyielding beat keeps the intensity raised.

A bold new production from Raw Ideology, ‘Analyze and Conquer’ serves as a powerful reminder of the extent of his talents and skills as a Producer, positioning his name to keep climbing high on the list of innovators currently working within the genre. So, not to be missed, make sure to follow Raw Ideology across social media to stay up-to-date on his upcoming projects and releases. ‘Analyze and Conquer’ is out now and available to stream and download.