Cardi B Irate Over Chick-fil-A Order: “Don’t Play With My Food!”


Cardi B is a superstar in her own right, but she’s also human like the rest of us. This means she gets hungry like the rest of us, and she wants her food delivered the way she ordered it!

Most recently, the “Bongos” rapper posted a video to social media, irate about how her Chick-fil-A order did not arrive the way she likes it. Posting to her 168 million followers on Instagram, Cardi posted a video of the ripped up Chik-fil-A screaming about how they messed up her order. She even calls out the exact Chick-fil-A restaurant she ordered from, located on Sunset Blvd. in Los Angeles. She also calls our Uber Eats for the mistake.

She yells, “Fucking Chick-fil-A, I’m really getting sick and tired of y’all muthafuckas. First of all, this is the second time y’all do this. Y’all did this yesterday and y’all doing it today. So that’s why I’m gonna put in a complaint. And Uber Eats, I don’t give a fuck!”

Apparently, Cardi B ordered two honeys, one honey mustard and one buffalo sauce. She clarifies: “Y’all ain’t put the buffalo, ya’ll put some fucking ketchup! Missing the honey, missing the buffalo. Y’all did the same fucking shit yesterday.”


What set her off even more was the fact that she tipped them.

“I’m gonna give a fucking complaint because I tipped you muthafuckas,” she continues. “On top of that ,we gotta pay the extra shit for muthafuckin’ Uber Eats for y’all to not put the fucking condiments in our shit. My muthafuckin’ sauces. Don’t play with my muthafuckin’ food! Y’all pissing me the fuck off.”

Have no fear though, Chik-fil-A got the message loud and clear. Cardi shared to her Instagram stories that Chik-fil-A sent her a nice little care package. She even joked she said “they said ‘here girl, hush!’” with a laugh. The next Instagram story sees her eating the hell out of those nuggets, even stating “give those kids a raise!”