Clif Jack Unveils Two Track EP, ‘Silenzio Follia’


Clif Jack makes a return to his record label MJA the Vision with a two-track techno EP titled ‘Silenzio Follia’.

Both of the tracks demonstrate Clif Jack’s ability to capture the imagination with gripping melodies, while powerful drums keep the body moving.

MJA the Vision is a record label that Clif Jack launched following his releases on labels such as Reinier Zonneveld’s Filth on Acid and Simina Grigoriu’s Kuukou. This is Clif Jack’s second release on MJA the Vision, and other artists that have featured on the record label include the likes of Luca Morris, Vikthor and AM.I.

The title track on this release is a powerful techno track, Clif Jack explains: “Silenzio Follia came to be after a moment of inspiration during a studio session when I was lost inside my own thoughts. I had the idea to create a track that would represent a stark contrast between absolute silence and an explosion of madness. It was during such a moment that I had an unexpected conversation with a friend where I told him my idea. After my friend and I talked, I realised I had accidentally recorded the conversation with him, and the discussion had generated some audio that I thought was perfect to sample. The word “Follia” meaning “Madness” in English, became a commanding vocal that I used as the focal point of the track. There are other words such as Silenzio (Silence), Calma (Calm), Suono (Sound), Rumore (Noise) and Spazio (Space) that I also cut from the conversation, plus some phrases that in the context of the track, sounded really poignant. I was a little nervous my friend might be upset that I had used words in my track from a private conversation, but he loved the idea, and was blown away when he heard what I had made. So, I have to thank him for being a part of this inspiration.”

“Silenzio Follia” is a driving techno track with ominous tension and a mammoth sound. It’s hulking percussion, compelling vocal phrases, and thickset synths are powered by a pounding kick drum. Second on this release, “The Radar” is another driving track also built around a framework of hammering percussion, but in contrast to its predecessor, the euphoric melody creates an uplifting vibe.

Get the release HERE.