Dan Sesko Unveils New EP, ‘‘Solar Ray’

Dan Sesko is an exciting new techno producer from Denmark who starts 2024 with his debut release on Barbuto’s record label Mavic Music.

‘Solar Ray’ is a two-track EP where Dan Sesko has showcased his vigorous style of techno which is similar to others such as UMEK and Space 92. His sound is a fusion of hard-hitting drums and compelling synth lines that have undertones of euphoria.

“Solar Ray” opens the release with its pulsating bassline and uplifting lead synth, which is augmented with the tension of stuttered vocal textures. The fast-paced percussion and brooding atmosphere adds extra tension to this dynamic techno track.

“Finally” takes things to the next level with its increased tempo and thundering percussion that intertwine with the ferocity of the acid synths. It’s signified by the captivating vocals of the breakdown which play call and response with dramatic melody stabs.

Overall, it’s a well-produced techno release that’s ready to set the dance floor alight, and you can get a copy HERE.