DJ Dris Unveils New Single, ‘Work’ Featuring Natalie Graham

DJ Dris is here with his newest Afro House release, ‘Work’ featuring the striking vocalist Natalie Graham.

Set for release via the label Born Digital Music, this latest production places the unique creativity and sound that continues to mark DJ Dris out within the world of Electronic Music in the spotlight; a rising star in the music industry, DJ Dris continues to make waves with his unique blend of Afro House, Afro Tech, and Funky House beats, drawing in fans from across the globe with his distinct, vibrant energy.

A former rapper and radio host, DJ Dris’ diverse background sees him bringing a fresh perspective to his productions, setting him apart from others on the scene. Now, having worked with Natalie Graham previously for their track ‘Kiss and Tell’, DJ Dris is back with another emotive and refreshing collaboration with the vocalist.

The daughter of the soul pioneer Jaki Graham, Natalie Graham appears with a unique set of experiences and expertise that enables her to add a distinct and original touch to any production. As she layers her soulful vocals into this new track, Natalie Graham’s talents and love for music shine through, raising the dynamic and powerful energy that ‘Work’ delivers to its listeners.

As ‘Work’ incorporates DJ Dris’ infectious rhythms and Natalie Graham’s soulful vocals, listeners are sure to enjoy the unique sonic experience on offer; with shuffled rhythms, tribal beats, and infectious melodic hooks, the track leads through a captivating soundscape, curating a listening journey that is sure to keep listeners on the dancefloor. As catchy motifs and layered vocals join the mix, the track keeps its high energy, shining a light on the soulful and funky style of both DJ Dris and Natalie Graham.

So, make sure to stay tuned and follow DJ Dris for more feel-good releases as he continues to push boundaries and redefine the sound of Afro House within the realm of Electronic Music. ‘Work’ is out now and available to stream and download across platforms.