Dwayne Wade Announces Cannabis Limited Edition Line With Jeeter

Dwayne Wade is adding to his growing portfolio and is getting into the Cannabis game. Wade announced on Thursday that he is partnering with Jeeter for a limited edition Cannabis release.

According to Forbes, the drop includes three exclusive strains and is available in a unique book format mimicking the recent release of Wade’s photographic memoir, Dwyane. 

wade jeeter
via Forbes

“If anybody has been following me, you guys have had the opportunity to see this amazing creation from the Jeeter family and myself,” Wade says on Instagram Live. The star unboxed the limited-edition weed item on Jeeter’s Instagram. “Going back to my book Dwyane, it’s really bringing it to life with our collaboration that we are doing.”

Jeeter is fast becoming a household name in the California cannabis industry as it holds the most coveted selling position for pre-roll brands in the state.

The line is available now in several locations across California the list of available locations can be found on Jeeter’s website and the Instagram profile.