Eminem Death Hoax Goes Viral Over the Weekend

In a year filled with untimely artist deaths, one major hip-hop star is very much alive and well, despite a massive rumor that went around online over the weekend. Contrary to the unfounded misinformation, Eminem is not dead.

The bizarre rumor began late Saturday night and early into Sunday morning with the hashtag #RipEminem trending on social media. Apparently, a hacker had changed the artist’s Wikipedia page to state that Eminem had died in the early morning hours of December 10, 2023, in Madison, Wisconsin. Several small blogs picked up on the change and other pages and social media accounts began repeating the story, which spread like wildfire over night. His representatives quickly issued a statement assuring his fans that he was indeed alive and well. (His Wikipedia page has been corrected.)

This is actually not Em’s first brush with fake death. An earlier rumor caused a small frenzy in August of this year and in 2020, a Twitter user wrote: “I killed Eminem,” sending the internet into a tailspin until it was confirmed that once again, the multiplatinum artist was alive and well. A more bizarre theory began circulating the internet in the early days of social media. Back in 2006, a conspiracy theory began circulating that claimed Em had actually died in a car crash and had been replaced by a robot. Bearing in mind that this rumor took place before the release of the first iPhone, it was quickly debunked due to the impossible technology that would have been required for such a feat. (However, he did embrace some technology at his virtual Fortnite concert last weekend, proving that technology can be amazing, but will never replace the Real Slim Shady.)


Once users realized that Mr. Mathers was not dead, many began making jokes about his non-death. Check out this Newsweek article for some of the best social media comments about Em being alive and well.