EVEREN MAXWELL Dedicates Melancholic Color Bass Single To Late Mother Via “WINTER”

San Diego-based producer EVEREN MAXWELL has been making his name known in the electronic space with a style that draws inspiration from fables, fantasy and folklore.

The talented artist makes his debut on SLANDER’s Heaven Sent imprint with the emotive single “WINTER.”

A touching sonic tale about coping with loss, “WINTER” is written for his late mother that he lost as a child. The oft challenging yet transformative season that marked her passing acts as the canvas for EVEREN MAXWELL to paint his pain and quest for growth. Pensive keys drift over a sweeping soundscape while stirring strings deepen the poignant pull. MAXWELL’s vocals are haunting, delivered in a raw yet gentle form brimming with impactful sentiment. The lyrics further the thematic depth likening his tragic loss to the darkness and lack of warmth contained in the track’s namesake. The somber, refined vibe of the introduction is contrasted against an energetic color bass beat that serves as a cathartic release. Masterfully moving between the dichotomy, “WINTER” is an evocative work of art, which transposes one of life’s momentous pains into a sonic offering that’s heartbreaking yet hopeful.

EVEREN MAXWELL opens up about the deep meaning behind the release, saying, “I wrote ‘Winter’ after the last time I visited my mother’s grave. I wanted to encapsulate the emotions of losing my mother as a child, and the wish that she could’ve watched me grow into the man I am today… Winter often represents a loss of warmth and joy, but it is also a beautiful season, and many amazing things have their beginnings in winter. I have experienced so much pain and sorrow since the loss of my mom, but it was because of that loss that my father placed me in music therapy, where I began chasing a dream to tell my story through music. In a way, this song brings that story full circle. But just as Winter beckons Spring, my story isn’t nearly over, and no matter what season it takes me through, I will always carry Winter with me.”

Hailing from San Diego, EVEREN MAXWELL is a producer who pulls inspiration from fantasy literature, folk tales, and nomadic journeys to create a sound he describes as “music for adventurers.” His breakout track “Warbringer” with TheFatRat and Lindsey Sterling has amassed over 8.7 million streams. He brought his signature sound on the road as a special guest for Ace Aura’s ‘Crystal Coalition’ Tour, which included stops in Denver, Minneapolis, and Dallas.

“WINTER” is an epic masterwork that finds beauty through pain for a cathartic and deeply impactful listening experience.

EVEREN MAXWELL’s new single “WINTER” is available on all platforms via Heaven Sent.