Forbidden Society Ventures Into Uncharted Territory With New Album ‘Lonely Road’

Forbidden Society announces the release of ‘Lonely Road,’ an album that marks a bold departure from his established musical path.

Embracing both exploration and expression, ‘Lonely Road’ delves into new personal and musical realms, resulting in a profoundly beautiful, dark, and dense sonic experience.

Encouraged to delve deeper into his personal and artistic themes, Forbidden Society has crafted an album that is as introspective as it is innovative. ‘Lonely Road’ invites listeners to journey through its intricate soundscapes, where hidden narratives and raw emotions await discovery.

In the midst of the album’s intense and sometimes violent sounds, a solitary voice emerges. This voice, veiled in distortion and resonating through the tumult, offers a poignant story for those who listen closely. It is a lone transmission amid the storm, a testament to finding clarity and meaning in the midst of chaos.

Forbidden Society, known for his self-release platform and clothing brand under the same title, has been a defining face of the European drum & bass circuit. He has played at major festivals such as Let it Roll and hosted his own stage at Beats for Love, cementing his position as a driving force within the electronic music scene. His recent releases, including his ‘Refused EP’ and his ‘Scorn’ remix on Overview Music, alongside ‘Lonely Road’, continue to showcase his relentless innovation and influence in the genre.

‘Lonely Road’ is now available on VISION Recordings via all major streaming platforms and the vinyl is now on pre-order.