Steve Aoki x Dimatik rock the boat remixing CYRIL hit tune ‘Stumblin’ In’ (feat. Timmy Trumpet)!

While still making incredible moves in its original version, CYRIL’s smash hit “Stumblin’ In” now receives a sensational remix treatment by none other than Steve Aoki and Dimatik. Featuring Timmy Trumpet as an additional productional force, this version highlights the tune’s characteristic hooks and vocals, while taking it next level with upwinding hard techno beats, raw synths and massive, distorted kicks, guiding you all the way to raving hardstyle territory. This should get things moving at the mainstage, as “Stumblin’ In” creates a fresh wave of festival madness – out now on Spinnin’ Records

“Stumblin’ In” proved a major breakthrough for Australian DJ/producer CYRIL last year. Inspired by the eponymous 1978 pop hit, this new version brought some sun drenched deep house grooves to the table, making it one of 2023’s most treasured summer gems – and still touching hearts all over the globe. 

In fact, the song has reached several charts by now, turning Gold in Germany, France and Switzerland, and Platinum in Holland, even Double Platinum in Poland. The song counts a whopping 178 million streams on Spotify alone, while the official video on YouTube was streamed over 13 million teams already.

Emphasizing the track’s widespread acclaim, several remixes have been dropped by now, made by an impressive line-up including Sonny Wern, Arno Cost & Norman Doray, LUNAX, Wilson & Smokin’ Jack Hill and NewEra – quickly turning into favored club hits on their own account.

Now, a whole new version is unleashed by Steve Aoki x Dimatik, alongside featured artist Timmy Trumpet, taking this omnipresent tune yet another step further . Basically, the guys have created a monster here, building something incredible out of the original good vibes of “Stumblin’ In,” turning it into a huge, overwhelming blast of mainstage action – sure to get the blood pumping for the rest of the year. 

Employing the soft hearted vocal lines of the original, this remix quickly sets off in another direction, building tension with catchy bass chords before blasting out an uptempo groove that takes you straight into psy and hard techno vibes. 

Consequently, the song’s famous melodic hook is transformed into a certified rave anthem, with sturdy saw synths piercing the air, getting the crowd ready for a raging hardstyle climax, where distorted kicks and twisted sound effects take things all the way. It’s a whole new ride these guys take you on, each using their own productional trademark to transform CYRIL’s hit record into a destined festival blast. Thanks to Steve Aoki, Dimatik and Timmy Trumpet, “Stumblin’ In” is back all over again, making it one of those tunes that just keeps giving.