Fritz Kalkbrenner Unveils New Single ‘Into The Night’

Fritz Kalkbrenner, renowned for his soulful and melodic approach to electronic music, continues to push boundaries and captivate audiences worldwide.

“INTO THE NIGHT” is a testament to his signature style, blending deep, emotive vocals with rich, atmospheric production that transports listeners to a sonic landscape of late-night journeys and introspective moments.

“With ‘Into The Night’ I’m creating a soundtrack that embodies my love for club culture. The inspiration comes from countless moments of joy, the feeling of losing oneself amidst the beats and grooves in the club, and the electrifying atmosphere of an intense night of raving.” (Fritz Kalkbrenner)

Fritz Kalkbrenner captures the spirit of rave culture with all its exhilarating facets in his latest work, “Into The Night.” With warm Chicago house chords and a dynamic groove, the artist takes us on an euphoric and vibrant club night filled with unique snapshots of pure emotion with his new single.

“Into The Night” radiates good vibes, highlighting Fritz Kalkbrenner’s unmistakably charismatic voice in a musical context seemingly tailor-made for it. The harmonies, vocals, and beats intertwine so seamlessly that the entire arrangement glows, captivating the listener on all levels, lifting them to uncharted heights, and momentarily blurring the outside world.

The new single is an ode to club culture and serves as the second release from the Berlin artist’s highly anticipated new album, scheduled for release on Virgin Records at the end of 2024. Previous albums and singles not only soared into national and international charts but also earned multiple gold and platinum awards.

Celebrated both in the global club scene and in pop culture, Fritz Kalkbrenner once again presents a single with “Into The Night” that effortlessly transcends genre boundaries, yet remains true to its roots, and touches deeply on an emotional level. It is the soundtrack of a parallel world, inviting abandon and the dissolution of the self to fully embrace the moment and become one with the music and the magic of the night.

Fritz Kalkbrenner undoubtedly reflects on a unique development story, marked by performances across the globe on nearly every continent and sold-out tours. The joint hit “Sky and Sand” with his brother Paul Kalkbrenner stayed in the German charts for a remarkable 129 weeks and has over 200 million streams. Other tracks by Fritz Kalkbrenner, such as “Facing The Sun” and “Kings & Queens,” also enjoy a global fan base and streams in the multi-million range.