hypernaut Drops VIP Remix of His and AVELLO’s D’n’B Heater ‘Take Me There’

hypernaut, hailing from the vibrant city of Orlando, has always had a deep-rooted passion for electronic music. Growing up amidst the rhythms of the local scene, he found his voice and style, blending various electronic genres into a unique sound. His journey intertwined with AVELLO, another talent in the electronic realm, creating a dynamic duo that seamlessly merges their distinct musical perspectives.

In his burgeoning career, hypernaut has achieved notable milestones. He clinched the 2023 EDC Orlando Discovery Project, performing on the Circuit Grounds stage alongside renowned artists like Nia Archives and Alesso. He’s also served as the direct support for JSTJR, Robin Schulz, Joyryde, Cheat Codes, MUST D!E, and Dash Berlin, carving out a strong presence in the electronic music scene.

Their latest work, the VIP remix of “Take Me There,” is showcasing of they can do together. Originally a collaboration between hypernaut and AVELLO, the track started as a series of demos and has now come full circle. The UKG twist infuses a reflective and melodic vibe, making it a standout rendition that highlights the best elements of the original while adding a fresh perspective.