Jonathan Majors Dropped by Management and PR Companies


Jonathan Majors no longer has a manager or publicist, as both dropped him in the fall of his domestic violence arrest in New York City.

Entertainment 360 has let Majors go, according to Deadline. The decision came three weeks after his arrest, citing the company did not want to have affiliations with the actor’s behavior.

Majors also lost representation from his PR company, The Lede Company, which happened last month. Neither company offered a comment on their decision.


Marvel is also reportedly prepared to replace the actor if the investigation results return unfavorable. Marvel insider Jeff Snieder revealed that Majors, who is currently planned to be a key component of the Marvel Cinematic Universe, could be replaced, citing Majors’ team and Marvel aligned with a plan for handling the issue.

One of the names floating as an option is Snowfall’s Damson Idris.

“Even though there hasn’t been any movement on the Jonathan Majors front, I’ve heard that’s the kind of actor, who, like, if Jonathan Majors got the boot as Kang, someone like Damson Idris is the type of the person that [Marvel] may look at to replace him if that, in fact, happens,” said Sneider.

The next edition in the MCU is Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 3, set for release on May 5, 2023, but Deadline notes Majors has already shot the second season of the Disney Plus series Loki. Deadline also notes they have heard no rumors of dropping the actor.