Guy Horne Experiences Fast Rise With Just A Few Songs, Follows Up Success With ‘Broken Before’

Born from the rhythm-infused streets of Manchester, Guy Horne is proving that you can dance on multiple stages of life. Already established as the Young Property Personality of the Year for his efforts in creating affordable housing, this British indie-pop marvel is gearing up for the release of his emotionally resonant single, “Broken Before.”

The track, steeped in the rich tones of indie-electronic fusion, offers listeners an intimate peek into Guy’s own history with a former partner. They co-wrote songs, and “Broken Before” is a beautiful tribute to their combined musical journey.

Drawing inspiration from Manchester’s legends like The Stone Roses & Oasis, Guy’s rapid ascent in the music scene has already seen him collaborate with heavyweights like Ed Graves, Grammy winner Oli Jacobs from “Harry’s House”, and DNMO, set to release a drum and bass remix this November. His performance on BBC Introducing, coupled with over a million streams on two self-released singles, solidifies Guy’s position as the ‘new British Indie Pop’ sensation. There’s no doubt that Guy Horne’s star is only beginning to rise.