Pete Beat Announces Drops His Adventurous Album, ‘The Strange Museum’

Spending the last 13 years cultivating his performance, recording, and writing abilities, it should come as no surprise that Pete Beat has forged his own special style and musical identity. However, it may be shocking to learn that Pete has created over 500 songs during this time. With three previous albums and a variety of singles and EPs, Pete has gained widespread attention for his signature sound.

Taking the next steps in his artistic journey, Pete has released his fourth album, The Strange Museum. Fueled by hypnotic soundscapes, intricate basslines, and infectious melodies, this compilation has a powerful underlying story. Many of its tracks shed light on Pete’s struggles with schizophrenia, one of them being “Sweet Elan”. It encompasses riveting lyrics from Pete, crisp drums, and exotic effects, centered around someone who could never capture the heart of their suitor. Pete explains that it is difficult to tell if the theme of “Sweet Elan” is based on a dream or not.

Adding to the groundbreaking project, Pete pays homage to his day job as an engineer by including an Android/Windows game. Players can use the game to collect parts from two songs on The Strange Museum that can be remixed. Highlighting Pete’s extreme creativity and inventiveness, this album is just a preview for what’s to come from him.