How Lavender House CLT Became Charlotte’s First Minority-Owned CBD Dispensary

Lavendar House CLT is on a mission to help to shrink that marginalization. Founded last year in Charlotte, NC by husband and wife, Wilfredo Rosa and Linsey Smith, the company’s slogan is “cannabis meets community.”

“There has been so much judicial injustice when it comes to marijuana and our community, says Wilfredo. “There are people who are or have been in prison for over 20 years for marijuana possession.”

Cannabis conversations are becoming more prevalent with the legalization of recreational marijuana in various states throughout the country. The medicinal use of Mary Jane will continue to be a powerful source for health and wellness. The comprehension helps to educate communities that have been marginalized from the industry in one way or another.

Rosa adds that the best way to move forward is to educate the community on how effective CBD and hemp is to health and wellness.

“Sports therapist are using it now more than ever. Whether it’s pain relief, diabetes, cancer, or someone trying to rehabilitate themselves from drug use, CBD and hemp is an effective way to do so.

Lavender House CLT prides itself on creating all of its products in-house. The CBD trusted company creates the creme de la creme of hemp-derived products. Some of these include massage oil, hand sanitizer, lotion, CBD soap, chapsticks and more.

Prior to the coronavirus pandemic, Wilfredo and Lindsey owned a clothing boutique in Charlotte. Unfortunately, they were forced to shut down and were faced with the question of how to re-invent themselves.

With robust industry experience combined with his wife’s intuition and expertise in retail and resourcing, Rosa and Smith quickly found the answer with Lavender House CLT.

Now they are leading the way for more minority-owned southern CBD dispensaries.

In addition to Lavender House CLT, the couple facilitates the medical marijuana component of the business through Lavender Boys. The brands looks to team up with Billion Dollar Baby, rapper and Charlotte native, Stunna 4 Vegas.

From Jay-Z’s MONOGRAM to Al Harrington’s Viola, Black and minority owned cannabis brands are more populous than ever.

As Lavender House CLT continues to shrink the marijuana marginalization curve, the Hemp Health CBD brand sets the precedent for minority-owned dispensaries to increase in the Southern United States.

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