PREMIERE: Betageist Opens New Sonic Possibilities With Single, ‘Blue Shift’

From the innovative mind of Kevin Heber, Betageist is a project that is rapidly gaining momentum in the realm of electronic music. Hailing from Indianapolis, he is a mixed bag of talent, well-versed as a multi-instrumentalist, producer, and audio software engineer. Betageist’s extensive skill set and creativity have allowed him to forge his one-of-a-kind signature sound. Now he is taking his sound to new heights as we showcase Betageist’s single “Blue Shift” in this Daily Beat premiere.

Taking listeners on a beautiful melodic journey, “Blue Shift” is a vibrant display of ethereal vocal echoes and soothing piano progressions. Centered around a mesmerizing down-tempo beat, this chill anthem is easy to get lost in. Throughout “Blue Shift”, Betageist expertly waves in layers of crisp percussion and intricate synths. The many phases of the track invoke many emotions and energy levels within its audience.

Sharing his personal insight on the release, Betageist states, “’Blue Shift’ celebrates being awake and alive, being outside under a blue sky, and the very best of being human on this planet. It represents the hopeful, positive side of the human condition. Bouncy grooves, shimmering guitar chords, melodic piano, and dreamy vocal samples combine to produce the warm, metaphysical vibes in this track which thoroughly ignite body and soul.” Perfectly breaking down the auditory components of “Blue Shift” and its aura, Betageist is just getting warmed up in 2023.