Groove Armada Reveals ‘Free Jam EP’ As The First Record Of A Long-Term Defected DEAL

Following last August’s announcement of a long-term deal with Defected, legendary UK dance act Groove Armada reveal the first music with ‘Free Jam’ EP on Defected’s sub-label DFTD.

Following successful club and festival appearances for Defected and Glitterbox, Groove Armada will continue to headline Defected’s international roster of events while releasing new music that spans house and disco, demonstrating the sonic diversity of Defected’s label repertoire.

Showcasing their club proficiency with the two-track ‘Free Jam’ EP, the best of their extensive dancefloor experience is demonstrated on the release; the title track is a love letter to deep house, featuring delicious, soulful vocals from prolific dance vocalist Kathy Brown that meld with the duo’s unique percussive choices. ‘New Kind Of Drama’ delivers another dose of expertly curated club music, bringing the heat with bold, squelchy synths and in-your-face Slarta John vocals molded into raw, unfiltered carnival bliss.

“’Free Jam’ was born in a Byron Bay hotel room after a sweat-soaked house session the night before. It’s a return to those late-night moments of house euphoria, love, and warm Red Stripe at the free parties where Tom and I began.”

‘New Kind of Drama,’ with outtakes from the Slarta John’s ‘Pull Up’ vocal, has been our secret DJ weapon for over a decade, it was rooted in the bass-heavy sonic chaos of endless nights in the yards around late 20th century Brick Lane. It’s lovely to be back in the house groove where everything started, and to be there as part of a Defected family who are taking the ethos of the original house party worldwide.” – Andy Cato, Groove Armada

Achieving huge chart success with singles such as ‘At The River,’ ‘I See You Baby’ and ‘Superstylin’’, and with nine studio albums, Groove Armada’s influence on UK electronic music is undeniable. Speaking on the signing, their management, Nathan Thursting and Mike Cridland said, “the relationship with Defected is a perfect fit at a perfect time with Tom and Andy back djing across the globe, celebrating the culture and heritage of their sound.”

“Very few artists have been able to produce and perform across multiple sub-genres of house and disco and stand the test of time like Groove Armada, so I’m very proud of this signing. From their Shoreditch beginnings, Tom and Andy have always been at the very top of their game, and we’re very much looking forward to working with them in the future and release lots of great music.” – Wez Saunders, CEO of Defected Records

‘Free Jam EP’ will be released via DFTD on May 24, 2024. Pre-order/pre-save HERE: