ICYMI: The LOX Honored By Yonkers Receives Key to the City

Since The LOX’s Hip-Hop heroics in the Verzuz battle between them and Dipset, the Yonkers trio has been getting lots of attention.  

And as a result of their triumphant efforts, The LOX announced that they will receive the key to their city. In a video posted by Styles P, he broke the news that the legendary rap group will be getting the key to Yonkers. 

In the video, P said, “We just want to say ‘thank you,’” Styles P said on behalf of the crew. “Love is Love.”

He continued, “To the people of Yonkers … to the Mayor of Yonkers … we will be receiving this key of the city. Super dope.”

The video was originally posted on Instagram, and Styles P left an appreciative caption under the video.

In addition to announcing getting the keys to the city, The LOX will also be opening up a revised third park and workout station in Yonkers, with the goal of opening more around the city. These parks will be available for people of all ages.

This is a great week for The LOX.

Its The Real attended the ceremony and posted a video via Twitter where we see Styles P accepting the key to Yonkers on behalf of The LOX.

Check it out below.