Jacob Colon’s ‘Made To Move’ Hits Milestone 200th Episode with High-Energy Mixes

During May, Jacob Colon’s radio show, ‘Made To Move,’ delivered a collection of fast-paced episodes, bringing the energy with considered track listing and mighty-sounding productions.

As Jacob Colon continues to maintain a commitment towards delivering well-thought-out episodes each week, the talented Producer and DJ continues to ensure the reputation of ‘Made To Move’ keeps growing, drawing in new listeners each month as he puts forward compelling sounds and curates engaging listens that captivate and excite.

The depth, breadth, and rich understanding that Jacob Colon has fostered for Electronic Music continues to support his creation of every episode; appearing as the foundation to their design, each mix of ‘Made To Move’ makes clear Jacob Colon’s expansive knowledge of substyles like Tech House, Afro House, and Tribal House, resulting in immersive sonic experiences that keep fans hooked, persuading them to return each and every week. With a sound that highlights his unique penchant for sonic vibrancy and lively energy, Jacob Colon’s radio show puts forward mixes that offer a glimpse into the distinct and refreshing vibes of his sonic world, introducing his tastes and musical originality with unique track lineups.

Hitting the two-hundredth episode in May, Jacob Colon’s radio show has a reach that expands across the globe, with its broadcast on over 40 international radio stations worldwide. As Jacob Colon continues to inject each episode with his signature style, placing his admirable mixing abilities in the spotlight and introducing listeners to a wide selection of music, ‘Made To Move’ keeps gaining a reputation, appearing as a refreshing destination for genre enthusiasts to celebrate the very best that Electronic Music has to offer.

Within May’s episodes of ‘Made To Move’, Jacob Colon took the opportunity to present his newest Tech House single, ‘Gotta Prove’ whilst also using his platform to bring attention to his recent discoveries. As he brought in tracks from emerging talents like Junior Pappa and Kapes, Jacob Colon ensured that each mix delivered diverse sonic journeys, incorporating a range of music to highlight his varied tastes and unique musical perspective. With another month filled with impactful selections of music, aiming to energise and impress his listeners, Jacob Colon further emphasised the potential of his sound, talents, and creativity, cementing ‘Made To Move’ as a distinct asset to his craft.

So, no doubt sure to keep elevating the intense vibes of his show, be sure to tune in throughout June to ‘Made To Move’ and be sure to stay up to date with Jacob Colon himself by following him across social media today.

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