Jonasu Takes A New Direction With ‘Close my Eyes’

Renowned German multi-platinum producer, songwriter and artist, Jonasu unveils ‘Close My Eyes’.

Taking his sound in a new direction, this display of Jonasu’s talent and artistry is set to captivate the audiences worldwide with its infectious beats and evocative vocals.

Get ready for a musical journey, as the up and coming German star reveals his latest creation, ‘Close My Eyes’. This hypnotising summer release represents a prime introduction to the artist’s new musical direction. Crafted and penned by Jonasu himself, this single showcases his dual talents as both producer and songwriter, with his own vocals lending an intimate touch. As the lyrics break down the emotions and challenges of being in a long-distance relationship, its melodic beginning grows into an transporting sound that sends listeners in an immersive musical experience, bound to keep them coming back for more.

Jonasu comments about one of his most personal productions to date: “After co-writing and working with so many amazing talents, I wanted to explore writing and producing music by myself at the beginning of this year. So I am even more excited to release ‘Close My Eyes‘ than usual because it feels very personal and is also my first release I am singing on. The song is about long distance relationships and the struggle of being parted with your loved ones.“ says the German breakthrough DJ and producer, who further describes ‘Close My Eyes’ as “An emotional journey with big summer vibes and the perfect soundtrack for a drive along the coast!“

‘Close My Eyes’ stands as a fresh and exciting new milestone to the German EDM sensation’s new creative path. Jonasu’s position in the industry has been marked by his rapid rise in the pop and dance music scenes, scoring multi-platinum releases and a Brit Award nomination. ‘Close My Eyes’ is a full display of the artist’s talent, giving listeners a lasting impression of Jonasu’s impeccable abilities as a producer, songwriter, and vocalist.

‘Close My Eyes’ is out now via Virgin Records on all streaming platforms.