The IRS Goes After Tasha K Following Tax Discrepancy


Two months ago, Tasha K filed a bankruptcy filing to avoid paying the $4 million awarded to rapper Cardi B after she lost a defamation lawsuit. Apparently the filing uncovered discrepancies in Tasha’s tax returns and now the IRS has filed a priority claim against Tasha to make sure they get paid first.

Radar Online reports:

According to court documents obtained by, Tasha K aka LaTasha Kebe, who was found liable for defaming Cardi B, has informed the court of her financial situation as part of her recent bankruptcy.


In the documents filed in Tasha’s Chapter 11, she said her income is from being a “content creator/influencer” and she “earns her income by appearing on YouTube, Instagram, and other social media.”

Tasha said her largest creditor is Cardi who is owed $3,363,753. Cardi sued Tasha accusing her of defaming her in a series of YouTube videos posted on her channel.

In her new filing, Tasha admitted the total value of her assets is $58,595 with the biggest asset being a Chevy Silverado, with a value of $46,750 and a $53,412 lien on the truck for purchase money financing.

She said without the truck her assets only total $12k. Tasha revealed the IRS has filed an estimated priority claim of $97k for taxes for 2021 and 2022. However, Tasha said she filed both returns and it appears the tax principal due is $150k with another $30k due in state income taxes.

“Clearly [Tasha] does not have the ability to pay the [Cardi] judgment in full,” Tasha’s lawyer said in court. Further, she said Tasha will work to “amicable resolve the [Cardi] judgment” in the case.

Cardi has yet to respond to Tasha’s claims in the bankruptcy.