Label Head Big Lou And Franko Arrive On Bruised Records With ‘Call My Name’

Big Lou brings his energetic brand of drum & bass to his imprint Bruised Records, in a way which will only further the steps he’s made in his career over the past decade.

After cultivating a fan base amongst the underground with his label, he soon stretched out onto other platforms, including Vibe Chemistry’s Make Your Era, with tastemaker support from the likes of BBC Radio 1 and Kiss FM. However now he teams up with Franko on ‘Call My Name’, his second link up with the producer, who provides the next level to Bruised Records release output alongside head honcho Big Lou.

‘Call My Name’ begins with jump up flavours between its moving and shaking breakdowns, striking atmospherics, manipulated vocals and jaunty basslines. Big Lou continues to make his growing audience know what his signature is, and that’s one orientated to the dancefloor. Alongside Franko, puts Bruised Records on the map once again. It’s an explosive introduction to Franko too as his first solo release outside of his contribution to the label’s Various Artists compilation with ‘Selling Out’.

‘Call My Name’ shows Big Lou is still making waves, and helping to break new artists with Bruised Records as the platform to do this.