Lil Xan Speaks On “NODA” Ahead of June 30th Release


Hip-Hop Artist Lil Xan gears up for releasing his new single entitled “NODA,” which acts as his comeback track from a musical hiatus. Lil Xan reintroduces himself on a mildly acoustic and optimistic beat, showcasing how his emo and quietly mournful sound has evolved. The single serves as an introspective summer anthem and comes after his dedicated, personal journey into sobriety. 

“NODA,” an acronym for ‘Not On Drugs Anymore,’ is Lil Xan’s self-aware announcement to fans of his sobriety. “ The fans are everything so I appreciate them letting me take that time off and being respectful. Now I’m ready to show out and give them what they want. ” says Lil Xan. Recently signed to CAA, the rapper is ready to establish a new connection with his fans. In “NODA” Lil Xan announces he is “climbing to the top” and wants everyone to know that for him “ getting to the top is getting enlightened, getting older, and more mature. It is about becoming a better person, a better human being.”

When asked about how this song will reflect his life now, Lil Xan admits, “A seed planted in possibly one of the saddest times in recent history for many people, me included. Now three years have passed since 2020 and that seed has grown into something beautiful, “NODA”. The next chapter of my life, the next chapter of my music, and most importantly, the next chapter of Xanarchy.” 


“NODA” was produced by Kinfolk Jon X Purps and will be serviced to all pop, rhythmic, and urban stations. “NODA” will be available for streaming on all platforms June 30th. The comeback track will also be performed live for the first time at Lil Xan’s July 9th performance at 1720 in Los Angeles, CA.