Lost In Dreams Releases The Next Installment Of Its Multi-Genre Compilation With ‘Gateway Vol 5’

Lost In Dreams is closing the year strong with the latest edition of their lauded ‘Gateway’ compilation series.

Volume 5 features eight distinct tracks spanning a wide array of sounds and styles from melodic bass, electropop, DnB, melodic dubstep, and beyond. The project features new music from ROY KNOX, Lost Wolves, SOUNDR, DVRKCLOUD, 4URA, Vaance, AVELLO, Youth In Circles, Fendy Cisneros, Fixion, JAMES, Drvmmer, and more.

Leading the pack comes the opening track “Unsteady.” The three-way collaboration merges the collective talents of Tel Aviv-based artist ROY KNOX, Asian American producer Lost Wolves, and Salt Lake City singer/songwriter SOUNDR. The energetic anthem is a pop-punk-inspired ode to overcoming doubt. SOUNDR’s silky smooth delivery is shadowed by a sense of apprehension and reflection. The rocktronic production offers the perfect canvas before building with accelerating drums and swelling synths. The builds envelope into soaring melodic dubstep drops anchored by massive synths, glitchy flourishes, and scattered vocal samples. The aggressive drops are countered by the intoxicating and moving vocals to create the perfect balance.

ROY KNOX shares how the exceptional collaboration came to be, saying, “In the creation process of ‘Unsteady,’ I was heavily inspired by the euphoric punk rock vibes infused by Lost Wolves and the impactful lyrics and performance of SOUNDR. Even though it took us a while to make this song come together, it was worth the wait, as I believe we achieved something that captures the best of each of us and combines our artistic tastes together beautifully. It has been a goal of mine to release on Lost In Dreams ever since the label started and I’m so happy I got the chance to be a part of this compilation alongside so many talented artists!”

Lost Wolves opens up about the personal impact of the release, adding, “This song talks about the battles you have with your doubts. And, for me to be able to release a song on my dream label, this experience has helped me in my battle with self-doubt.”

Offering another trifecta of talent is “Without You,” which pairs producers DVRKCLOUD and 4URA with singer-songwriter Meggie York. The melancholic vocals possess a magnetic pull that’s sorrow-filled yet impassioned. The lyrics trace a tale of love, loss, and longing, while the backing matches the emotional exploration. Icy melodies and chilly basslines match Meggie York’s energy with ease. The downbeat offering is punched up with short but inspired drops that give a sense of cathartic release countering the solemn soundscape woven throughout.

Pulling back the curtain on the collaboration, DVRKCLOUD explores its origins: “The genesis of this track dates back to 2020, when I received a captivating topline from Meggie York. It went through various iterations, but in 2023, I revisited the project and collaborated with 4URA to bring it to its final form. This song encapsulates the essence of longing and the emotions tied to absence. It delves into the profound experience of being without someone. Working with Lost in Dreams has been an incredible journey; their support and understanding of my music made it the perfect home for my songs. I’m grateful that my music found its rightful place within this exceptional label.”

Switching the scene, Vaance provides listeners with “Something Good.” The upbeat offering embodies the excitement and optimism of newfound love. Smooth keys and crisp drums are joined by joyous guitar riffs while the fun-loving vocals paint a beautiful picture that’s rich with hope. The vibrant drops are controlled eruptions of pure elation, injecting an irresistible pop-dance feel that’s amplified by the catchy hook.

AVELLO’s “you’re still here but I already miss you (be in my life)” is a masterclass in emotional dance music. The enchanting vocals drift further into focus as the track progresses creating a haunting yet stunning allure. Driving drums and playful melodies add a distinct energy that floats over the chilling textures. As the production is stripped back, the vocals are allowed a short moment to breathe before AVELLO descends listeners into a whirlwind of emotion. Snapping percussion is layered over chilling bass, otherworldly vox, and sparkling flourishes that see hope and despair engaging in an elegant dance.

AVELLO breaks down how the song came together: “I started this track towards the end of my last relationship. At the time, my girlfriend was preparing to move to Denver. We were planning to keep the relationship going long distance and I was dreading this major life change. All I could think about was how much I would miss being with her every day. This is where the title comes from: ‘you’re still here but I already miss you.’ The track sat on my computer as a half-baked idea for months. I really had no intention of ever finishing it, as, for me, this was a deep expression of what I was feeling at the time. Right before she moved, we broke up. A few months after the breakup, I opened up the laptop one more time with a fresh perspective and decided to finish the song. I’m so thankful that Lost In Dreams picked this song to be in this compilation because I couldn’t think of a better home for it. This is one of the most self-expressive and deeply important tracks I’ve let out into the world. I hope you connect with it the same way that I do.”

“Hold Me” sees YOUTH IN CIRCLES and Fendy Cisneros uniting with Daye for a moving ballad that charters the push and pull of a tumultuous relationship. The lyrics highlight the comfort in the familiar, as well as the realization that things can’t continue on forever. Daye’s heartfelt vocals are accompanied by a rock-inspired backing that drifts between subdued and rousing while delivering waves of feels in the mountainous drops.

Fendy Cisneros sheds light on what makes this one so special, stating, “This song played a pivotal role in my healing process, enabling me to bid farewell to my past. It took some time for me to gather myself. ‘Hold Me’ stands out as one of my all-time favorite original tracks, serving as the first composition that allowed me to convey the depth of my emotions. I am honored to collaborate with Youth and Daye on this song, as well as Lost in Dreams, which has significantly influenced my music over the past year. Letting go sucks but music makes it easier.”

YOUTH IN CIRCLES shares what the collaboration means to him: “‘Hold Me’ stands as one of my all-time favorites songs. I feel everyone can identify with the meaning of this song, as many of us have encountered situations where letting go of someone becomes necessary. To me, it is also about discovering the beauty within the pain of these emotions and embarking on a new journey. Placing it within Lost In Dreams’ feels like a perfect fit; a label devoted to the kind of music that we love is incredible. I’m excited to share this with incredibly talented friends.”

Californian-based melodic bass creator Fixion taps Haley Maze’s vocal talents for the sonic odyssey that is “Won’t Let Go.” Windswept soundscapes provide the perfect accompaniment for Maze’s unwavering voice. As the namesake lyrics loop, an underlying sense of impending excitement swells below. The melodic bass drops offer two distinct directions, with the latter amping up the intensity and complexity for a heart-racing sound design exhibition that never loses sight of the song’s moving core.

JAMES taps into a sense of welcoming nostalgia with the Zøie X-assisted “HOME.” The slow-burning vocal-driven creation is a masterwork that’s built around cinematic progression. The lead is familiar and stirring, offering a warm embrace on the coldest of days. Elements are carefully layered and pulled away, offering a whimsical breeze capable of chilling down to the bone. From the driving kicks to the moody keys and bright flourishes to her haunting falsetto, “HOME” is an eye-watering creation steeped in a state of deep reflection.

“My family has been an important part of my musical journey, and I had been wanting to write a song about them for a while now, says JAMES. “‘Home’ is that track. It is about that warm feeling surrounding home I had as a kid. I’ve realized as I’ve grown older and moved away, I’ve sometimes lost that feeling. The real adult world can often feel a little less warm than childhood. This song helps remind me that in reality, that feeling is always there if you look for it.”

Drawing the project to its conclusion comes Drvmmer’s experimental drum & bass cut “Imagination.” Living up to its name, the track is an inventive display of sound that will keep you guessing with each turn. ARTIKA’s vocals are a cornerstone that carry through offering a gripping pull. From the fairy tale-inspired magic to the chunky breakbeat drums, the wildly imaginative and frenetic drops to the stunning piano work, “Imagination” is a one-of-a-kind gem that shines throughout.

Drvmmer explains how the unique offering came to life” “I remember starting this track at my dear friend Mazare’s house back in 2022 while we were having some really productive studio sessions. Everything started from the idea of creating a melodic drum & bass tune that could convey a journey of emotions and transport the listener into a different dimension. Then, I came up with some simple and introspective lyrics, approached my dear friend ARTIKA, and asked her to be the storyteller of this one.”

‘Gateway Vol 5’ expands the signature sound that fans have come to love from Lost In Dreams, offering up a myriad of emotional electronic music fit for any need.

Gateway Vol. 5 Track List:

1. ROY KNOX, Lost Wolves, SOUNDR – Unsteady
2. DVRKCLOUD, 4URA – Without You (feat. Meggie York)
3. Vaance – Something Good
4. AVELLO – you’re still here but i already miss you (be in my life)
5. Youth In Circles, Fendy Cisneros – Hold Me (feat. Daye)
6. Fixion – Won’t Let Go (feat. Haley Maze)
7. JAMES – Home (feat. Zøie X)
8. Drvmmer – Imagination (feat. ARTIKA)

Lost In Dreams’ new compilation ‘Gateway Vol 5’ is available on all platforms.