Marcus Jordan Wants Michael Jordan To Be His Best Man When He Marries Larsa Pippen

Marcus Jordan is hoping his father, Michael Jordan, will have a change of heart about his relationship with Larsa Pippen. Marcus aims to wed Larsa and wants his father to be the best man.

Speaking on Pable Torre Finds Out, Marcus revealed he wants the same best-man treatment that his older brother Jeffrey received, but previous reports state Air Jordan is not a fan of the relationship.

Could the wedding be televised? Possibly. But Marcus revealed that the Jordans are private people. “I think we would do multiple weddings, one private for our family and friends and then maybe there’s one that’s a little more public but I guess time will tell.”


You can see the full interview below.

In this past summer, Jordan and Pippen revealed they were scouting locations to exchange vows.

The two have not provided details on an engagement, but new jewelry has been seen on the reality star’s ring finger.

When asked about the potential ceremony, Jordan said they are “looking for locations,” and a date is “in the works.”

You can catch them discussing it all below.

The two are also promoting a new podcast, Separation Anxiety.