Maxo Kream, Vic Mensa & Tiara Thomas on Join SpringHill Co. For Mental Health Clubhouse Convo

Maxo Kream, Vic Mensa and Tiara Thomas revealed their experiences with Mental Health during a Clubhouse convo with SpringHill Co.

Last month Maverick Carter and LeBron James’ SpringHill Co. teamed up with Clubhouse to produce audio programming related to big moments in sports and culture.

The world celebrated World Mental Health Day was Oct. 10. The production company hosted a Mental Health Chat on the audio platform as a continued celebration.

They were joined by artists such as Maxo Kream, Vic Mensa and Grammy-winning singer-songwriter, Tiara Thomas. The conversation was moderated by radio host, Yesi Ortiz and Dr. Milo Dodson.

The three artists spoke on the vulnerability they have shared and continue to share in their music, with the understanding of how difficult it is to do. The consensus that music provides therapeutic relief was universal.

Tiara Thomas mentioned the lyrics from her hit feature with Wale, “Bad,” where she highlighted the authenticity of her lyrics from personal experience.

Vic Mensa has expressed mental health advocacy in both his music and verbal conversations. He spoke on the frequency of self-medicating when copping with mental health issues.

Maxo Kream talked about his surrounding while growing up in Houston.

The destigmatization surrounding Black Mental Health continues as more conversations occur. The expression and vulnerability expressed during these chats helped to advance the fight against being afraid to