NIKE Announces Economic Empowerment Partnership with National Urban League and Investments in Local Organizations Major U.S. Cities

Nike, has announced its new Black Community Commitment partner, National Urban League, focused on economic empowerment and investments in local organizations in Boston, Chicago, Los Angeles, Memphis, and St. Louis with the aim to fuel education, economic empowerment, and social justice.

Nike cites the belief in the National Urban League and their mission of helping African Americans and others in underserved communities achieve their highest true social parity, economic self-reliance, power, and civil rights. The $1 million investment will support the Urban Reentry Jobs Program and the “Home is Where the Wealth is” campaign.

Urban Reentry Jobs Program provides formerly incarcerated adults with the necessary skills and training to successfully re-enter the job market and to find a position with a livable wage that can potentially lead to a career with an elevated income.

“Home is Where the Wealth Is” supports first-time homebuyers that offer financial education and individualized coaching from certified housing counselors to help prepare Black Americans to purchase the home of their dreams.

In addition, the National Urban League has announced the rollout of $2.75 million in Black Community Commitment to local organizations that fuel economic empowerment, education, and social justice on behalf of Black communities in seven U.S. cities. Grantees were announced first in Portland and New York City in February, with additional grantees in Boston, Chicago, Los Angeles, Memphis, and St. Louis announced today.

You can read more about Nike’s Commitment to the Black Community here.