Nikko Flexes His Range With House And Trap Two-Tracker ‘DECEIVER’

Arizona-based producer nikko has been taking the electronic music scene by storm with his genre-blurring approach.

The 17-year-old prodigy makes his debut on NIGHTMODE with his dichotomous two-track EP ‘DECEIVER’. The two-part story showcases the artist’s impressive range, offering a vibrant and infectious groove on the lead single, and a dark, hard-hitting trap atmosphere on the B-side.

The project’s focus track “BETTER4U” is an R&B-inspired house anthem that’s addictive and groovy. The looped vocals are sultry and infectious, creating an instant earworm that acts as the track’s foundation. Warm melodic leads, woozy piano keys, and chunky drums drive the track forward, offering a richness that is palpable. Velvety vocal hooks and buoyant basslines are layered amongst the powerful percussion for a booming yet smooth sound. Hints of nostalgia saunter through while creative sound design and arrangement make “BETTER4U” unforgettably fresh. Breezy, sexy, and intoxicating, nikko’s latest is an unmissable anthem.

Flipping the script, nikko shows a different dimension to his artistic talent with “MASTA.” The seething trap anthem is dark, dirty, and destructive. Ominous undertones are amplified by dystopian synth and sinister sirens. The high-octane thrill ride shifts gear with a blistering trap explosion, which swerves back and forth between distorted vocal chops and infectious rave stabs. Spinbacks, raw rap vocals, and punishing lasers inject an added layer of grit. The dark and cinematic core amplifies the bass-heavy drops for a truly masterful thematic twist. “MASTA” dives into a futuristic world of bass that’s dangerous yet enticing. It’s the type of dark allure that is impossible to escape.

Through the two impressive tracks, nikko shows the full range of his ever-expanding talent with the statement-making ‘DECEIVER’ EP.

“‘DECEIVER’ is a boisterous two-sided dance music record about true colors coming to light”—nikko