Nosphere Showcases His Sonic Sorcery On Sinister 5-Track Dubstep EP ‘Puzzlement’

Budapest-based producer Nosphere has risen from the depths of the darkness with a merciless onslaught of bass music of the sinister variety.

The producer makes his return to NGHTMRE and SLANDER’s Gud Vibrations imprint with the five-track ‘Puzzlement’ EP. The project follows the recently released lead single “2ME,” alongside acclaimed singer/songwriter Ceres.

Setting the tone for the project is the beastly title track. “PUZZLEMENT” opens with executioner-style drums and a detuned melodic introduction creating a sense of impending doom. The glitched-out builds allow the track to shapeshift between dimensions before swerving into a maze-like mixture of laser synth stabs, piercing metallic plucks, slamming bottom-end, and twitchy noise distortion that is perfect for scrambling brain waves. The discombobulating weapon is a soundtrack of pure destruction as Nosphere reaps multiple realms with his sonic sorcery.

Switching up the style comes “MIND BENDER.” Built around an infectious vocal, the wildly rhythmic introduction and intoxicating topline create a dance-friendly groove. Looped vocals give way to hard-hitting chorus sections that intertwine with off-kilter instrumentation, trap grunts, punchy percussion, and growling low-end. The first drop intersperses the artist’s ominous signature with the party-focused feel from the introduction. The finale takes a darker and dirtier turn, injecting scathing industrial sound design for a sound befitting its title.

Dark and deadly, “SWITCHBLADE” is a murderous cut that’s out for blood. The track fuses hypnotic melodies, otherworldly soundscapes, and vocal chops that emulate a rollercoaster slowly creeping to its peak before the dangerous descent. When it reaches its depths, the monster is unleashed. Haunting synth patterns are complemented by uneasy stabs, pounding drums, and soul-stirring bass. The track is the demon child of horror and dubstep’s ungodly union.

Nosphere and CERES prove to be the perfect counterpart to one another on “2Me.” The gentle introduction offers a brief meditative lead-in that calms the soul like a deep breath. From there, CERES’ vocals command the scene with her seductive delivery and suggestive lyrics raising the temperature. Exotic and enchanting flute melodies are punched up by snappy trap drums, which build into the menacing drops. Dissonant synth stabs, choppy vox harmonies, crunchy bottom-end, and roaring Reese bass anchor the drops for a sound that is reminiscent of carefully curated chaos. Blurring boundaries between riddim and trap, and allowing the vocals to cut through at every turn, “2Me” is a one-of-a-kind festival anthem.

Closing off the project with a bang is the wonderfully weird “ANCHORESS.” Heavenly synths drift over pulsing kicks for a sound covering ground between hardwave and trance. Chunky breakbeat drums are layered against classic rave vocals, lending themselves to a nostalgic feel before blasting listeners with the brain-bending drops. The vocals are bent and chopped to oblivion; the bass is brutish; the lead is violent; and the subtle cartoony samples enhance the chaotic sound that makes the track so special. Exceeding conventions and expectations, “ANCHORESS” is a divergent banger that closes off the EP in style.

Branded as the ‘CEO of Darkness,’ Nosphere is a Hungarian bass producer known for causing a ruckus with a range of riddim, trench, and tearout dubstep productions. In addition to his impressive solo catalog, the artist has released collaborations alongside Modestep, PhaseOne, Midnight Tyrannosaurus, SweetTooth, Chassi, and Cromatik. The producer has become a favorite amongst tastemakers gaining support from Skrillex, Excision, Kompany, Black Tiger Sex Machine, Hekler, Deathpact, and Calcium.

Dark and drenched in versatility, ‘Puzzlement’ is an impressive project that showcases Nosphere’s ever-expanding talent and range.

Nosphere’s ‘Puzzlement’ EP is available everywhere via Gud Vibrations.