Queen Naija Slams Body-Shamers: ‘I’m Sexy & I Know It’

Queen Naija is using her platform to speak out against body discrimination.

While many are aware of the judgmental world that exists, it certainly amplified in the height of social media. Social platforms, specifically Instagram, are typically a highlight reel of your best pictures, moments, outfits, workout videos and more. With more sharing of content, comes more judgement from people, which can be hard to ignore at times.

Although she has faced colorist backlash for past comments, Queen Naija has owned up to her previous ignorance. She is ready to rectify her shallow statements by moving forward to promote positive ones. It is certainly tough to do so in the age of “cancel culture,” but her recent comments may be the step in the right direction.

The “Set Him Up” songstress recently took to her Twitter Wednesday night to promote body positivity and comfortability.

“lol, y’all body shame people for being fat, y’all body shame skinny people, y’all body shame mom bodies, and surgery bodies as long as I love my body and my nigga love it, I’m good I’m sexy & I know it,” she said.

The comment section on a social media page is no safe place for anything. It gives range and access for users to say anything they want, no matter the context. In Queen Naija’s case, she is condemning those who body shame and promote others to do the same through self-love.

Queen recently dropped her most recent collaboration with Dreamville’s Ari Lennox. The track was released on April 7th, followed by the seductive video on, April 15th.