Rapper T.I. and Atlanta Housing Unveil Intrada Westside: A Beacon of Affordable Housing

Atlanta rapper/mogul T.I. has teamed up with the Missouri-based Vecino Group to bring about positive change in Atlanta’s housing landscape. The official ribbon-cutting ceremony for Intrada Westside, a 100-percent affordable housing community, took place with key figures such as Atlanta Mayor Andre Dickens and Atlanta Housing Chief Operating Officer Terri Lee in attendance.

Intrada Westside, situated at 2174 – 2176 Donald Lee Hollowell Parkway, represents a significant milestone in the city’s efforts to address affordable housing needs. The development, consisting of 140 residential units, emphasizes its commitment to inclusivity by offering 25 units specifically designated for permanent supportive housing (PSH) under Atlanta Housing’s HomeFlex-HAVEN program.

COO Terri Lee expressed her admiration for Intrada Westside, describing it as a “remarkable multi-family development” that distinguishes itself through its unwavering dedication to affordable housing, particularly for individuals who were previously homeless. Lee emphasized Atlanta Housing’s pride in contributing to the project’s success, making it fully affordable and sustainable for the community.


The development goes beyond providing housing by incorporating commercial/retail space into the project. This not only enhances the economic growth of the neighborhood but also creates opportunities for local businesses to thrive. Additionally, Intrada Westside includes community gardens, fostering a sense of connection and well-being among its residents.

Intrada Westside is a testament to the power of collaboration and community engagement. With T.I.’s involvement and Atlanta Housing’s commitment to addressing homelessness through permanent supportive housing, this development serves as a beacon of hope and progress in the realm of affordable housing in Atlanta. As the city strives to meet the diverse housing needs of its residents, projects like Intrada Westside stand as shining examples of what can be achieved through collective effort and a shared commitment to building stronger, more inclusive communities.