Ray J Taps Rick Ross & Dwyane Wade as Raycon Global Earbuds Surpass 1 Million in Sales

Ray J has quickly become a staple in the tech and electronics business.

Back in November 2017, the reality TV star and entrepreneur co-founded his electronics brand called Raycon Global. Most recently he has hit a number of milestones with his in-demand wireless Raycon earbuds.

As co-founder and head of brand strategy, Ray J taps into his relationships with celebrity friends to further promote Raycon as a household name.

During the pandemic, Ray J went mobile with Raycon by establishing new ground in Miami. He linked with Miami’s biggest influencers including native Rick Ross, and NBA legend Dwyane Wade.

During his conversation with Ross, the MMG CEO admired everything about the RayCon earbuds, including the jingle that plays when you turn them on.

When it comes to colors, Ray J made sure to fill the customer’s palate with variety. Raycon earbuds are styled in black, red, blue, titanium, rose gold, pink and more. You name the color and they’ll be able to provide.

Ray J also linked with Dwyane Wade and his dad, D. Wade Sr. for some hoops. While balling on the court, the “One Wish” singer kept his Raycon earbuds in. He credits his solid shoot percentage to the earbuds, saying it enhanced his jump shot.

As Raycon Global continues to make strides in technology and electronics, it increases its retail value with more distribution.

Last month, the electronic brand recently closed a deal with InMotion. The audio brand houses a number of their branches throughout the country’s most busiest airports. Now they have added Raycon wireless earbuds to their inventory. The partnership is seamlessly projected to be mutually beneficial.

Consumers can purchase Raycon Global earbuds at