H<3art Beats Brings a Night of Bass Soundscapes by Sixis, Foxtail, Second Nature, and More

The H<3art Beats crew returns to the visual playground of Sera Phi on March 14th. Sixis, Fox Tail, Second Nature, Sylph, and H<3art Beats very own Toe Drag make up a lineup of funky, futuristic, and meditative bass.

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And keep reading to learn more about the lineup and the tracks you should check out before the show…

Born and raised in Salt Lake City, Foxtail has always been engaged in music. After learning multiple instruments, he decided to dive into the world of electronic music and since then Foxtail has been creating dreamy soundscapes. We highly recommend checking out his 2019 EP Revontulet.

New York native, Second Nature, who describes his sound as space wobbles and heavy tings, will be playing a special down tempo set. His newest track Mirror is sure to be a crowd pleaser with its spooky bass. 

Headliner Sixis, a musician and sound designer from Berkeley, California, has toured in the US and internationally, playing festivals such as Symbiosis Eclipse, Tipper and Friends, Earth Frequency, Infrasound, and Sonic Bloom. To get a taste of Sixis’ beats we suggest you check out Contact with its futuristic mechanical feeling and Cyclic Time with its robotic island vibe.

Next up is Sylph with her meditative alien melodies. Where her first EP Alien Speak in 2018 put listeners in a zen state of mind, her newest EP Liminal State brings in a heavier bass sound. 

Rounding out this fabulous lineup is H<3art Beats very own Joe Forcina, aka Toe Drag, with his own brand of trippy bass. We recommend you giving his most recent mix a listen.

Scoop your tickets to make sure you don’t miss out on what is sure to be a thrilling journey through the bass soundscape.