Hobo Johnson Delivers Gold In Fresh Singles ‘DADS BED’ & ‘METAVERSE’

Hobo Johnson hits the ground running with a double single drop, unleashing “Dads Bed” and “Metaverse” after two years away from the spotlight. These tracks from the Sacramento spoken word mix stirring narratives with a dope array of sounds, signaling his triumphant return.

“Dads Bed” dives deep into the heartache of loss, with Johnson delivering each line with a raw intensity that pulls at the heartstrings. His portrayal is so personal and charged that listeners can’t help but feel embedded in the depths of his emotion.

Switching gears, “Metaverse” takes a sharp look at our digital world, weaving humor with critique. The track parses the oddities of online existence and our tangled relationship with technology, all delivered with Johnson’s signature satirical flair.

Known for the viral hit “Peach Scone,” Johnson’s approach is all about storytelling through a seamless, spoken word flow that feels like a one-on-one conversation. His unique delivery style fosters a genuine connection with his audience, turning each performance into an intimate dialogue.

The excitement ramps up this summer as Hobo Johnson and The Lovemakers set off on their Headline US Drinks Tour. Fans are in for a treat with live shows that promise to be as emotionally charged and energetically raw as his recordings.

From his days living out of a ’94 Corolla to captivating millions online and on stage, Frank Lopes, aka Hobo Johnson, has navigated his path with relentless drive. His self-made success story continues to draw fans old and new, all eager for a taste of his latest musical explorations. Get ready—Hobo Johnson is back and he’s bringing the heat!