Discover Tranquility: Will Vance Unveils ‘Lingering Is So Lonely’ on Massive Harmony Records

Will Vance, a standout talent in the dance music scene hailing from the moody, rain-soaked Pacific Northwest, has truly made his mark with his deeply emotional and richly harmonic music. His most recent offering, “Lingering Is So Lonely,” released by Massive Harmony Records, showcases his flair for blending chill, rhythmic beats with reflective melodies. This track epitomizes Vance’s signature style, providing a soothing yet stimulating listening experience that hits a sweet spot

Vance infuses his music with a genuine and thoughtful quality. His collaboration with respected labels such as Where The Heart Is Records and Elliptical Sun Recordings allows him to weave together delicate atmospheric elements with grooves that keep the energy alive on the dance floor or anywhere your music goes with you. His ability to intertwine the fantastical elements, with real-world sentiments, such as when dawn meets dusk, allows his music transcend and sink into those that take the chance to listen.

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Besides his artistic pursuits, Vance plays a crucial role as A&R and Label Manager at David Hohme’s label, amplifying his influence within the industry. His knack for producing hit remixes on Songspire and launching celebrated tracks has earned him a spot on many stages throughout his career.

Will Vance’s approach to music is a breath of fresh air in a scene often driven by fleeting fads. His dedication to marrying emotive content with dance-ready rhythms not only defines his career but also paves the way for new talent in the industry. His ongoing projects continue to excite and challenge the norms of dance music.