Riot Ten Kicks Off The New Year With Eagerly Awaited 5-Track EP, ‘Hype Or Die: Ballistic’

After captivating fans with a series of potent bass-heavy tracks such as “Squad Anthem”, “Supercharged”, and “Tekno Music”, Riot Ten returns to dominate the bass music landscape with his dynamic new EP, ‘Hype Or Die: Ballistic’.

The explosive five-track EP showcases a brilliant blend of collaborative talent, featuring contributions from notable bass artists like Emorfik, Ecraze, Decimate, among others. Each track distinctively highlights a different facet of Riot Ten’s versatile sound, revealing a unique sonic signature that draws listeners into a deeply engaging auditory experience. ‘Hype Or Die: Ballistic’ is out now and available to stream across all platforms.

Riot Ten sets the tone for his EP with an explosive start in “Squad Anthem”, a collaborative masterpiece with Ecraze and BLUPILL. Imbued with intensely raw and gritty bass, the track makes an earth-shattering entrance, immediately captivating its audience. Following closely is the title track, “Ballistic”, an energetic collaboration with Decimate, enlivened by a striking contribution from Hyro The Hero. Characterized by swift and pulsating bass lines, the duo brings a thrilling vigor to the track, crafting an enthralling and adrenaline-fueled auditory journey.

“I haven’t been this excited to drop a body of work in a long time. All of the collaborators really took this to the next level and the response from fans so far had been huge. I couldn’t be happier with how it all came together.” – RIOT TEN

With “Tekno Music”, Riot Ten and Emorfik come together to create a staggering blend of techno-inspired elements seamlessly integrated with powerful dubstep. The collaboration begins with a subtle nod to techno before cascading into an overwhelming deluge of mind-twisting bass. Next up, “Prepare to Die”, co-produced with Felmax, brings forth a torrent of dynamic basslines and commanding drum patterns, creating an auditory quake. Riot Ten rounds off his EP with a treat for drum and bass enthusiasts – “Supercharged”, featuring Bok Nero and RZRKT. Living up to its title, “Supercharged” is a rhythmically exhilarating sonic rollercoaster, surging through the airwaves to electrify and awaken the senses.

In addition to the excitement surrounding ‘Hype Or Die: Ballistic’, fans can look forward to experiencing Riot Ten’s electrifying energy live, as he continues his ‘HYPE OR DIE’ tour. Riot Ten will grace stages across North America, with stops in major cities like Portland, Orlando, Toronto, and Los Angeles, culminating in a grand performance at Paradise Blue in Cancun on April 27, 2024.
With ‘Hype Or Die: Ballistic’ hitting the airwaves and numerous thrilling projects on the horizon, Riot Ten solidifies his position as a formidable force in the bass music realm. The EP stands as a monumental testament to Riot Ten’s multifaceted talent, traversing a broad spectrum of bass music with an unrivaled fusion of styles and collaborative ventures. From the raw, pulsating energy of “Squad Anthem” to the electrifying rush of “Supercharged,” the EP presents a diverse array of tracks that cater to the tastes of every dance music aficionado.