“Ronski Speed’s Enchanting Remix Of Ciaran McAuley’s ‘Love Heals’”

27 years later, numerous changes in the electronic music scene, an endless number of challenges and crazy new kids to satisfy and he stayed the same.

Ronny Schneider aka Ronski Speed is a synonym for pure, dreamy, progressive, uplifting, and often vocal trance that led him to global recognition, high appreciation and support from the biggest names and labels in the industry. This German artist contributed to the trance genre with 3 artist albums, countless tracks and collaborations with Lucy Saunders, Emma Hewitt, JES, Ana Criado, Susana, Above & Beyond and many many more and his work still keeps him strong in the game.

That’s the reason the new remix of Ciaran McAuley’s “Love Heals” by Ronski Speed didn’t catch us off guard. It seems like Ronny and Ciaran share such a similar style that it’s almost scary. Even though they are 2 producers on top of their careers in 2 different ‘eras’ they share a nearly identical approach to music and the emotions they incorporate within.

Ronski Speed made a more dancefloor-oriented version of the original from Ciaran’s ‘Permission to Exhale’ album without compromising on the emotional chord progressions. And this is also the beauty of being a producer, preserving the magic of the already perfect track while adding your personal touch to bring new joy to listeners. It takes skills and experience that Ciaran and Ronny indeed have. If you’re not sure what we’re talking about, don’t waste any more time. Check out Ronski Speed’s remix of “Love Heals” right now; it’s available on all streaming platforms:


01. Ciaran McAuley – Love Heals (Ronski Speed Remix)
02. Ciaran McAuley – Love Heals (Original Mix)
03. Ciaran McAuley – Love Heals (Ronski Speed Remix)
04. Ciaran McAuley – Love Heals (Extended Mix)

Learn more about Ronski Speed and Ciaran McAuley below:

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