Shaq and Reebok Team to Help Michigan Teen in Getting Shoes for His Size 22 Feet


Shaq goes Superman again. Last week, Michigan teen and football player Eric Kilburn Jr. gained notoriety after his mother made public through a GoFundMe page their struggles to find shoes for his size 22+ feet and made a plea for assistance in finding both immediate and long-term solutions to help make sports, and everyday life for that matter, more accessible to her son.

Since then, the family has received a flood of support, from kindhearted individuals giving to their GoFundMe page to sneaker companies promising to make special shoe lasts in Eric’s size so they can one day make custom products for him. Shaquille O’Neal, a longtime partner and partial owner of Reebok who also happens to have a size 22 foot, was able to provide some more immediate solutions by sending Eric a variety of Shaq’s custom shoes that the brand makes on a shoe last created, especially for Shaq.

Reebok was able to assist Eric to receive a surprise phone call from his idol, Shaq, after getting to know the family and discovering the extent of Eric’s long-standing admiration for him. Shaq was able to speak with Eric directly and provide his own words of support and encouragement. Since then, the two have maintained contact, and Reebok and Shaq are eager to assist Eric in his future endeavors.