Simply Naked Candle Company’s Nostalgic Twist on Scent Using Black Music

Entertaining is all about triggering the senses! And there’s no greater powerful mix of them than smell and sound. From the moment a sanctuary is entered the music defines your experience and the smell of Sunday dinner could heal a nation. But when combined, black-owned store front Simply Naked Candle Company aces the assignment! 

Before you enjoy the scrumptious smell of SNCC’s signature scents “Brown Suga” and “Pure Honey,” it’s important to understand how passion and the music industry plays a pivotal role in the company’s massive success. 
“I’ve always loved music and smelling good is a favorite pastime of mine,” said Troy Gunn, co-owner of SNCC. “There’s something special about blending the two loves of your life together that makes everything you do so much more worth it.” 

In the past few years, Gunn has blended his music management skills, ability to curate important rooms, and understand audiences to forge a new path to include activating smells. Mastering the art of candle-making has allowed Gunn to manifest true happiness and purpose through a nostalgic art form. 

To test Gunn’s notion, he tapped R&B singer Sammie to partner with SNCC to bring both live paths together. The power of uniting the two concluded in an overall 400% increase in revenue. That was the moment of confirmation and maybe the DNA to a black business’ success. 

“Scents have the power to evoke strong emotions and so does music; so when the idea came to add one of music’s best voices to the zeitgeist, it was a no brainer,” Gunn said. 

SNCC offers all-natural soy and beeswax candles that are soothing to the soul. The love is felt in each creation because each candle is hand-poured to add illuminating ambiance. The variety of scents, wicks, and jars reflects that of a record shop with something for everyone. Oh, yeah, and why are they naked? Because each product is transparent, clean with mellow fragrances to appease guests at the nose just as music does the heart. 
“They remind us of what we have sometimes previously forgotten and sometimes make us imagine what is yet to come,” said Shante Smith, co-owner of SNCC. “We’re placing the final touches on our new music partner and we’re really excited to announce in the near future.”

Simply Naked Candle has become one of the easiest yet heartfelt gifts for special occasions. In the same way “a picture is worth a thousand words,” the scent of your favorite candle with a memory or a story is priceless!