Sky Tower Click Drops Positively Charged Album ‘Came A Long Way’

San Diego’s rap collective, Sky Tower Click, is back with their latest offering, Came A Long Way, following the success of their debut album. Released on Thump Records, the album features the combined talent of the trio—Mackvillin, Nasty-O, and Hustle Mac—alongside appearances by the legendary Kokane, R&B sensation KEVINRAY, and CJG.

The artists, based in San Diego, showcase their unique styles that seamlessly blend together, creating a diverse and energetic sound. Sky Tower Click refuses to be confined to a single format, allowing each member to bring their authentic selves to the mix. With beats by producers Mackvillin & Delano Sounds, “Came A Long Way” not only pays homage to the Legendary West Coast Vibe but also infuses a modern feel, making the tracks resonate like a greatest hits album.

“The overall tone of the album reminds me of exactly why I fell in love with West Coast hip hop,” says Nasty-O. “Memorable hooks, engaging melodies and bass that thumps the speakers.”


You can hear the title track below.